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P. Mishra, Spain, under the India4EU programme from European Commission. During his masters he worked as research assistant to Lab for Physical Properties of Food (LPF-TAGRALIA) in UPM. Later he was a visiting researcher to IRSTEA, Puneet Mishra completed his masters in agro-engineering in 2015 from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), vol.281, pp.1034-1044, 2019.

, He joined imec's vision lab at University of Antwerp in 2015 and was working with department of plant biotechnology at University of Ghent, Belgium. Presently, he is a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher at CPACT, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow under the H2020 ITN named 'MODLIFE'. His research interest includes data analysis, spectroscopy, artificial vision and non-destructive analysis of food

P. D. , She is currently an assistant professor in the Faculty of physic, 2003 and the M.Sc. degree in, 2006.

, she was appointed as a Lecturer in the Department and was promoted to Senior Lecturer and Reader in 2011 and 2016, respectively. She has published over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings primarily in the field of process analysis. Her main research interests are the development of in situ spectroscopic measurements (optical, 2004.

N. Douglas, He has published over 166 refereed journal papers, 340 conference communications and 19 book chapters. Since 2022, he is fellow of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists and had received the preigious prize "Celestino da Costa-Jean Perrin" from Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), 2002.

. Jean-michel, His research produced some methods to solve problems of calibration robustness. Some specific methods and applications were derived to address the problems of calibration transfer, drift compensation online, inter seasonal adjustment or compensation of the moisture effect for NIR based characterization of soil, Roger is specialized in chemometrics applied to Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) and presently a professor at Montpellier SupAgro

P. Mishra, Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, vol.281, pp.1034-1044, 2019.